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Tools for Creators is a collection of hand-selected tools that help creators do their online work more efficiently.

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Tools for Creators

A collection of hand-selected tools

If you're a creator, you know the feeling of always needing just one more tool to help you get your work done. But where do you find the time to search for new tools when you're already so busy creating?

That's where Tools for Creators comes in – a website that collects the best tools that creators can use to work more efficiently, so you can spend more time doing what you love. Have fun exploring this site and see how we can help you take your creativity to the next level!


All tools are hand-selected. Everybody can submit tools, but only those that give value to a wide range of creators are published. This way you can make sure that you're only seeing what matters.

Free forever

Tools for Creators will always be free to use. I believe that creators should be able to research quality tools without having to spend a fortune. This is why I'll never charge you for using this platform.

From a creator for creators

Tools for Creators is made by a creator, for creators. I know the struggle of finding good tools and want to make your life easier. This is why I put so much time and effort into curating this site.

Built in public

Tools for Creators is built in public. From the very beginning, I have shared how I am building this site on my Twitter profile. Additionally, the analytics of this site are open as well. Full transparency!

Quality assurance manager Sissi, a tri-color cat, is awaiting your submission

Hi, I am Jannis 👋

The guy behind Tools for Creators

I began developing Tools for Creators in June 2022, and you are currently viewing an early version of it.

It came to me completely by chance. I was joking on Twitter when it occurred to me, "This is something you could actually build." Check out the full story in this Twiter thread..

I asked creators what their frustrations were with finding tools. Surprisingly, what they said aligned with my idea. This was entirely new to me.

In the weeks since, I've gathered feedback, worked on a variety of ideas, and now, on July 8th, 2022, I'm writing this text as the final piece for v1 of Tools for Creators.

This is truly a community-driven project. I am extremely grateful to my friends who have encouraged and provided feedback along the way. Every Like, Comment, or Retweet contributed to the project's development and evolution.

But hey, we're only getting started. My backlog is full of ideas, so please let me know if you notice anything missing from this website! My Twitter direct messages are open!

Cheers and happy creating ✌️

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