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The blogging category on our website is perfect for anyone who wants to start or improve their blog. From finding the right platform to creating content that engages your audience, we have listed the tools you need to take your blogging to the next level.

13 tools to help with Blogging in 2022

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100% free

Hemingway is a powerful writing software tool designed to help content creators efficiently produce high-quality work. It simplifies the editing process by automatically identifying and highlighting any grammar, spelling, or style errors for users.

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free option available
$12.00 / month

Writings is the all-in-one online writing app designed to give content creators the power to craft their best work. With its simple editor, users can structure their writing without distractions; its cross-posting feature allows you to post to social media platforms in one click; create a personal SEO-optimized blog in seconds; and measure progress with integrated analytics.

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free option available
$49.00 / month is the tool you need to take your content marketing to the next level without spending hours writing. It features an AI content generator that creates high quality content in seconds.

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free option available
$24.99 / month

Wordtune is the perfect tool for any content creator looking to create clear, compelling and authentic writing with ease. Wordtune helps to automate your daily content creation by suggesting sentences and expression alternatives to your current writing, allowing you to quickly and easily find the perfect way to express what you mean.

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free option available
$15.00 - $25.00 / month

Typedream is an all-in-one tool for content creators to build and market their online presence and products. The software simplifies the process of building websites, link in bios, forms, blogs and payments so creators can focus on growing their digital native businesses.

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Ghost Pro

free option available
$11.00 - $3,019.00 / month

Ghost Pro is an all-in-one content creator tool that helps you establish an online presence and grow your enterprise. With Ghost Pro, you can easily build custom websites, publish content, send newsletters and offer paid services to your members.

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$29.00 - $59.00 / month

Jasper is the go-to AI platform for businesses of all sizes to create content faster and tailored to their brand voice. With Jasper, content creators can boost their creative workflows by generating months of social media content, fresh ad creative, SEO-optimized blog posts, email messages, website copy, art and images, and more – all 10x faster with AI.

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$9.00 - $99.00 / month

Superblog is a powerful tool for content creators to create and manage high-performance blogs. It is an alternative to popular platforms like WordPress or Medium and features automated speed, SEO, and server optimization.

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free option available
$27.00 - $97.00 / month is a comprehensive all-in-one marketing platform designed to help content creators succeed in their daily work. With a free-forever plan and no credit card required, the software offers a wide selection of features such as sales funnel creation, marketing emails, and website building capabilities.

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monthly pricing not available (check yearly pricing)

Blogstatic is the simplest and most powerful way to create a great-looking blog. It includes a range of features such as fast loading, SEO-ready, and more, whilst being intuitively minimalist for no-code blogging.

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free option available
$7.00 - $47.00 / month

BlogHunch is a blog building platform designed to make content creation quicker and simpler. It offers a range of features that enable content creators to focus on writing and not worry about servers, developers, branding, and SEO.

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$29.00 / month is a content creation software tool designed to help content creators create blogs, pages, a knowledge base, FAQs, newsletters, gated content, and paid content on the web with minimal effort. Using an AI-enabled platform, TypeStack automates server configuration, speed optimization and SEO, allowing content creators to focus on the content itself.

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Magic Pages

$249.00 one time purchase

Magic Pages is a website builder designed for ambitious content creators, providing an intuitive platform to create stunning websites without tinkering. The platform features opinionated templates, designed specifically for ambitious content creators, as well as pre-defined pages, custom domains, and built-in blogging functionalities.

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