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In the Curation category, you will find tools and resources to help you collect and organize content from the web. With these tools, you can easily save and organize your favorite content so you can access it later.

3 free tools to help with Curation in 2022

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free option available
$2.99 / month

Instapaper is a tool that allows users to save articles, videos, and recipes from the internet to read later. It can be accessed on all devices and works offline. Users can also create notes and highlight text to remember later.

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free option available
$4.99 - $8.99 / month

Readwise is a tool that allows users to revisit and learn from their ebook & article highlights. It makes it easy for users to access their highlights and learn from them again.

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No-Code Guru

100% free

No-Code Guru is a chatbot that helps you find the right No-Code tool to build your next business idea. Answer 4 easy questions and start building.

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