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The Developer category is full of tools and resources for software developers. With these tools, you can easily build and test your applications.

3 free tools to help with Developers in 2022

Screenshot of ScreenshotOne


free option available
$7.00 - $150.00 / month

ScreenshotOne is a fast and reliable API built to handle millions of screenshots a month. It is fast and easy to use, making it a great tool for developers who need to take screenshots of websites.

Screenshot of UptimeRobot


free option available
$15.37 - $848.62 / month

UptimeRobot is a monitoring service that keeps an eye on websites for users and companies. It is easy to set up and only takes 30 seconds to start monitoring.

Screenshot of CheqUptime


free option available
$20.00 - $110.00 / month

CheqUptime is a tool that helps you monitor your software, notifies you on emergencies, and allows you to launch a beautiful status page. By keeping you fully informed, CheqUptime ensures that you avoid losing revenue and customers.

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