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The Forms category contains the best tools to help you create beautiful and effective forms. With these tools, you can collect data from your users and use it to improve your website or product.

3 tools to help with Forms in 2022

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JotForm is a comprehensive software tool that helps content creators streamline their daily work. It offers mobile forms, convenient templates, and powerful integrations that allow users to create forms and connect them to other services with ease.

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$8.00 - $24.00 / month

Basin is a powerful software tool that helps content creators automate form management processes and save time in their daily work. With Basin you can build custom forms, set up custom redirects, create custom email templates, customize domains, and enjoy effective spam protection.

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free option available
$29.00 - $99.00 / month

Typeform is a people-friendly software tool designed to help content creators produce better interactive forms, surveys, quizzes, polls, and tests. It offers advanced features like quiz makers, survey makers, form builders, poll makers, and test makers to help content creators generate more feedback, research, leads, and more.

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