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The Monetization category is all about helping you make money from your website or blog. From affiliate marketing programs to advertising networks, we've gathered the best resources to help you earn revenue from your online content. Make money while you sleep with the help of the tools in this category.

8 tools to help with Monetization in 2022

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free option available
$49.00 - $499.00 / month

thinkific is a comprehensive software tool that helps content creators build and monetize amazing digital products. It comes with an online course platform, learning communities, websites to market your business, an app store, and more.

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100% free

Gumroad is an online software tool that provides creators with the opportunity to earn their first dollar online and take their ideas to the next level. With an easy to use platform, anyone can create, sell and share anything from Top 10 lists, to crypto tips, to cookbooks and beyond.

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Ghost Pro

free option available
$11.00 - $3,019.00 / month

Ghost Pro is an all-in-one content creator tool that helps you establish an online presence and grow your enterprise. With Ghost Pro, you can easily build custom websites, publish content, send newsletters and offer paid services to your members.

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free option available
$15.00 - $2,599.00 / month

ConvertKit is the digital marketing platform designed to help content creators of all stripes reach and monetize their audiences. From digital products and subscriptions to landing pages, sign up forms, and automated marketing strategies, ConvertKit provides creators with the tools they need to succeed.

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100% free

LiveLink is an innovative software tool designed to make content creation easier. It enables content creators to bring their community together with live streams, subscription payments, recordings, and automated marketing campaigns.

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free option available
$27.00 - $97.00 / month is a comprehensive all-in-one marketing platform designed to help content creators succeed in their daily work. With a free-forever plan and no credit card required, the software offers a wide selection of features such as sales funnel creation, marketing emails, and website building capabilities.

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free option available
$49.00 - $199.00 one time purchase

UserBooster is a Notion template designed to help content creators save hours on creating a launch strategy for their new projects. It offers a tailored approach to gaining visibility and acquiring users from 20+ channels, with step-by-step strategies, 70+ tools and 40+ resources curated to make the process easier.

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$12.00 - $96.00 / month

Sotion is a software tool designed to provide content creators with membership management for their Notion pages. It has features such as email sign in, password protection, a restricted email list, paid membership and integrations with private Notion documents.

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