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If you're looking for the best note taking tools to help you work more efficiently, this is the place for you. We've curated a selection of the best tools to help you take notes, organize them, and find them again when you need them. Whether you're looking for a simple notebook app or something more powerful, we've got you covered.

13 tools to help with Note taking in 2022

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free option available
$5.00 - $10.00 / month

Notion is a workspace application that helps teams to be productive by customizing the way they work.

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100% free

Writings is a simple writing app that helps you focus on your writing habit and avoid clutter. You can create, organize, and share your content with Writings.

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100% free

Obsidian is a tool that helps you organize your thoughts and ideas by creating a knowledge base on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files. It is a powerful tool that allows you to see connections between your ideas, make connections between different pieces of information, and boost your productivity.

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free option available
$4.99 - $8.99 / month

Readwise is a tool that allows users to revisit and learn from their ebook & article highlights. It makes it easy for users to access their highlights and learn from them again.

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Roam Research

$15.00 / month

Roam Research is a note-taking tool that helps you organise your research. It is as easy to use as a document and as powerful as a graph database. Roam helps you keep track of your thoughts and ideas over the long term.

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free option available
$12.99 - $30.00 / month

Otter provides real-time, accurate notes that are stored in one central, secure, and searchable place. This way, everyone on your team can be more engaged, collaborative, and productive.

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free option available
$2.92 / month

Day One is a journaling tool that helps you keep track of your life. It has a simple and elegant interface that makes it easy to use. It also has a variety of features that make it a great tool for journaling.

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free option available
$1.50 / month

Bear is a beautiful, flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose. It makes writing more enjoyable and efficient for everyone.

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$7.99 - $11.99 one time purchase

TextSniper can be used to quickly and easily extract text from images and digital documents. This is a great tool for creators who needs to quickly get text from an image or document without having to manually type it out.

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free option available
$1.99 / month

Drafts is a quick-capture note taking app that allows you to get your thoughts down without fiddling around with folders or naming files. You can set up a text editing experience that is perfect for you, with tons of interface adjustments like custom fonts and control over spacing, line height, and margins.

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100% free

Logseq is a tool that connects your thoughts in order to increase understanding. It is privacy-first and open-source, working on top of local plain-text Markdown and Org-mode files. You can use Logseq to write, organize and share your thoughts, keep your to-do list, and build your own digital garden.

Descriptive image for the Dewey tool on Tools for Creators


100% free

Dewey is a tool that helps you get the most out of your Twitter bookmarks. You can search, organize, and share your bookmarks into your favorite note-taking tools.

Descriptive image for the Mem tool on Tools for Creators


free option available
$10.00 - $15.00 / month

Mem is a workspace that is powered by AI in order to be personalized for the user. It is designed to help amplify creativity, automate the mundane, and keep the user organized.

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