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The Writing category is for those who want to improve their writing skills. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced writer, you'll find resources to help you write better. From grammar and style guides, to writing Prompts and exercises, there's something for everyone. Whether you're writing for pleasure or for work, we can help you get the most out of your writing.

13 tools to help with Writing in 2022

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free option available
$12.00 / month

Writings is the all-in-one online writing app designed to give content creators the power to craft their best work. With its simple editor, users can structure their writing without distractions; its cross-posting feature allows you to post to social media platforms in one click; create a personal SEO-optimized blog in seconds; and measure progress with integrated analytics.

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100% free

Hemingway is a powerful writing software tool designed to help content creators efficiently produce high-quality work. It simplifies the editing process by automatically identifying and highlighting any grammar, spelling, or style errors for users.

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100% free

Obsidian is a powerful and extensible knowledge base software tool that helps content creators manage their ideas and notes in a productive and secure way. It works on top of users' local folder of plain text files and allows them to make and follow connections between ideas effortlessly.

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free option available
$49.00 / month is the tool you need to take your content marketing to the next level without spending hours writing. It features an AI content generator that creates high quality content in seconds.

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free option available
$24.99 / month

Wordtune is the perfect tool for any content creator looking to create clear, compelling and authentic writing with ease. Wordtune helps to automate your daily content creation by suggesting sentences and expression alternatives to your current writing, allowing you to quickly and easily find the perfect way to express what you mean.

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Roam Research

$15.00 / month

Roam Research is a powerful note-taking tool created to help content creators engage more deeply with their ideas and thoughts. It combines the power of a wiki with a note-taking tool and allows users to seamlessly integrate their notes and ideas with a network of related topics.

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Ghost Pro

free option available
$11.00 - $3,019.00 / month

Ghost Pro is an all-in-one content creator tool that helps you establish an online presence and grow your enterprise. With Ghost Pro, you can easily build custom websites, publish content, send newsletters and offer paid services to your members.

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free option available
$1.50 / month

Bear is a powerful, versatile writing and note-taking tool designed to help content creators organize and format their content quickly and easily. It provides an advanced Markup Editor that supports and highlights over 150 programming languages and has features such as to-dos, hashtag organization, and Face/Touch ID protection.

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$7.99 - $11.99 one time purchase

TextSniper is a Mac tool that captures and extracts text from images and digital documents in seconds. It can be used to extract non-selectable text from YouTube videos, PDFs, images, online courses, screencasts, presentations, webpages, video tutorials, and photos.

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free option available
$12.50 - $30.00 / month

Grammarly is a powerful online tool that helps content creators improve their writing with AI-backed assistance, real-time improvements, and advanced writing enhancements. It works across 500,000+ apps and websites, including desktop and mobile versions, and a browser extension.

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$29.00 - $59.00 / month

Jasper is the go-to AI platform for businesses of all sizes to create content faster and tailored to their brand voice. With Jasper, content creators can boost their creative workflows by generating months of social media content, fresh ad creative, SEO-optimized blog posts, email messages, website copy, art and images, and more – all 10x faster with AI.

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100% free

PlText is an AI-based software tool that provides users with a comprehensive suite of plagiarism detection and removal capabilities. This software is ideal for students, teachers, and webmasters, allowing them to detect and remove plagiarised content from any document.

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100% free

Typeshare is a software tool designed to make content creation easy and efficient for digital writers. Its library of 200+ templates ensures that you never have to start with a blank page, while one-click publishing and queueing allow you to publish to Twitter, Medium, and LinkedIn simultaneously.

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