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Basin is a powerful software tool that helps content creators automate form management processes and save time in their daily work. With Basin you can build custom forms, set up custom redirects, create custom email templates, customize domains, and enjoy effective spam protection. It works out of the box with all popular frameworks, such as static sites, no-code projects, Jamstack apps, Webflow forms, and Wordpress. Additionally, Basin is trusted by over 20,000 freelancers and teams around the world. Make it easier to manage your forms today with Basin.

built by @farleymatters

Tweets about product stuff, nerdy things, and my journey w/ imposter syndrome. #BuildingInPublic @usebasin + @makeitshipable + @nanobranded 👋 DM’s open.

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Some things you can do with Basin

create forms

If you need to create a form, these tools can help. From simple questionnaires to complex logic flows, you can find the right tool for the job.

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