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FontVisual is a software tool designed to help content creators in their daily work. It simplifies the font preview process by allowing users to upload, create and share font previews in just a few clicks. It is targeted to crafters, font designers and font foundries to create personalized products with font variants and to showcase fonts. Unique features include the ability to create showcase pages to select which fonts to include, choose from different layouts, define custom colors, embed to a website with a custom code, or use a shareable link, as well as to apply a mockup image or a background design and see how fonts look against it. Plus, no credit card required and no back and forth with customers when selecting fonts for designs. People love us and customers benefit from an improved customer experience, saving time and money in their creative process.

built by @rossvethlopez

Founder @fontvisual . Indie maker. Mom of 3 boys. I tweet about tech, startups, and family life. Leave people better than you found them. @women_make_ 🇵🇭

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do some graphic design

Not everyone is a natural born artist, but that doesn't mean you can't create beautiful graphics for your online work. Check out these great tools to get started.

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