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Logology is a software tool specifically designed to help content creators create high-quality logos tailored to their startup brand in just 5 minutes. Using its catalog of 500+ logos and its brand personality test to identify the right fonts, colors and design expressions, it offers users a professional-looking logo that aligns with the values of the brand. Logology's automated process helps founders save time and money, with no upfront payment required. With its proactive customer service, users are walked through the process of creating something truly unique for their brand.

built by @logologydesign

Designer-quality brand for your startup, automatically. ✨ Built by @luciebaratte and @dagorenouf 🔧🎨 🌱 #design #brandidentity #logodesign

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become more professional as a creator

There are a few key tools that can help you become more professional as a creator. These tools will help you manage your time, keep track of your work, and get feedback from others.

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