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Roast My Landing Page

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Roast My Landing Page is a software tool designed to help content creators improve the performance of their landing pages and increase the conversion rate of their campaigns. This software provides a personalised video audit which offers specific fixes to copy, design, positioning, pain-building, social proof, illustration and images, sign up forms, and CTAs, allowing content creators to optimise their landing page and attract more customers. Roast My Landing Page also offers a no-risk guarantee and promises to increase customers' MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) and lower CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). By using Roast My Landing Page, content creators can ensure their landing pages are working hard to turn visitors into customers.

built by @helloitsolly

Building a SaaS 100% in public. Helping creators win more work with social proof. Roasted 800 SaaS landing pages with Silliness 🏳️‍🌈

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get feedback on my landing page

Get feedback on your landing page to improve its performance and conversion rate. Tools we've collected here make it easy to get feedback and optimize the landing page.

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