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If you're looking for ways to curate content from around the web, here are some great tools to help you get started.

4 tools to curate content from around the web in 2022

Screenshot of Instapaper


free option available
$2.99 / month

Instapaper is a tool that allows users to save articles, videos, and recipes from the internet to read later. It can be accessed on all devices and works offline. Users can also create notes and highlight text to remember later.

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100% free

ThreadNotes allows you to save your favourite Twitter threads and sort them in Notion. This is helpful for creators who want to be able to access interesting threads within Notion or want to re-read them in the future.

Screenshot of Birdfeeder


100% free

Birdfeeder is a tool that sends you a list of your newly added bookmarks to your email inbox once a week.

Screenshot of Bird search

Bird search

pricing not available

Bird Search is a tool to supercharge your search and help you find the tweets you really want to see.

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